Laboratory equipment

Our company, being the official representative of the innovative production enterprise “EKROSCHEM”, which is part of the “EKROS” group of companies, offers a wide selection of laboratory equipment of the well-known in Russia trademark “PE”, laboratory furniture, consumables for petrochemical, analytical, medical laboratories.

The quality of these products meets the requirements of international and Russian standards, and is guaranteed by a multi-stage production control system and highly qualified personnel. In 2008, a certificate was obtained for compliance with the SMK ISO 9001 standard. Today, analytical instruments and laboratory equipment – spectrophotometers, Fischer titrator, samplers, extractors, drying cabinets, mixing devices and other laboratory devices necessary in every modern laboratory are produced under the trademark “PE” and “ES”.

The main directions of production are:

PE-9210 Titrator

Rotary evaporators PE-8910, PE-8920

Muffle furnace PE-4820

Drying Cabinets PE-4610, PE-4610M, PE-4630M, PE-4620M, ES-46110, ES-4620

Thermostats PE-4522, PE-4542

Thermal block PE-4050

Oil and Paraffin Baths: PE-4300, PE-4310, PE-4312, PE-4342

Magnetic stirrer PE-6600

Vibration stand PE-6700

Vacuum drying cabinet PE-4650

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