High pressure hoses

High pressure hoses (RVD) are a very important part in any industry. The main task of high-pressure hoses is to transfer energy from point A to point B.

The sleeves are divided into different levels, both by diameter, by frost resistance class, by the number of braids, and by the nominal value of the working pressure.

The undoubted distinguishing factor is the quality of the sleeve manufacturing. The patented design of Gates sleeves provides them with exceptional durability and reliability. To purchase high-quality high-pressure hoses, contact the managers of our company.

We will select for you the sleeves of the required size for high pressure, which will comply with all currently existing norms and rules. It should be noted that in addition to the sleeve itself, it is very important to choose the right fitting.

You can order several types of RVD, with metal braids or windings.

Hydraulic hoses are operated in the following temperature ranges:

  • from -57 to 150 degrees Celsius — when transporting mineral oils, glycols, various types of fuel mixtures, depending on the climatic zone or operating conditions;
  • -40 to 70 degrees — when transporting oil emulsions and water.

All products are certified.