Buildings and structures made of block modules

The production of block modules is carried out in factory conditions on production sites in accordance with all the requirements of the SNIP, fire and sanitary standards and includes all operations from the development of project documentation, delivery and reception of raw materials, materials, manufacturing to shipment of finished products.Thanks to an individual approach, the Customer receives a unique project that most accurately meets his needs. The manufacturing process of block modules is carried out at production sites, including:

  • welding and procurement area;
  • metalwork painting area;
  • sites for the manufacture of block containers;
  • section of cutting of DSP and GVL;
  • section of linoleum cutting;
  • loading and unloading area;
  • warehouse-complete set of electrical and plumbing equipment;
  • warehouse of materials.

The final products of the general production cycle are ready-made containers with sizes from 1.5 m to 12 m, used as separate buildings for industrial and household purposes, and as elements for assembling prefabricated buildings of various sizes.

Laboratory buildings

The building of the chemical laboratory consists of high factory readiness block modules, which include all the necessary engineering support (heating, ventilation, electrical networks and lighting), low-current networks (computer network, notification), water supply, fire water supply, sewerage, building equipment (washbasins, toilets, etc.), as well as entrance platforms and staircases.

Buildings made of metal structures

Buildings made of metal structures for industrial facilities: gas turbine power plants, mechanical repair shops, depots, warehouses, transformer substations, garages, canteens.